Slot Overview, Megaways for the Gold

The developer Inspired has added what is perhaps their least creative Megaways game to their catalog. The first non-BTG Megaways release, also titled Gimme Gold!, was a gold mining-themed slot game by Blueprint Gaming called Diamond Mine Megaways. It’s odd that the two slots you listed have nearly identical functionality, gameplay, and looks. If you just played these two games, you may believe Megaways had stopped developing new titles altogether. There are mystery symbols, free spins, and an infinite multiplier, among other things. A new betting option shakes things up a little, but otherwise everything proceeds predictably.

Gameplay on Gimme Gold! Megaways takes place on a standard Megaways arrangement, with the usual six standard reels and an additional horizontal row of four symbols atop the screen. There are up to 117,749 ways to win when all seven reel positions are played, as is the case with other Megaways slots. The grid is located in a canyon with cactus and shaky wooden beams for support; clouds move swiftly across the sky, giving the impression of a strong breeze. Wins and free spins are indicated by flashes of light and banjo blasts, and winning combos are cleared from the board with the sound of explosions. Gimme Gold! Megaways, like the rest of the game, features generic visual design that may seem either familiar and comfortable or boring and uninspired.

Gimme Gold! Megaways may be played on any device with a basic stake of 20 percent up to ten pounds or euros every spin. Base bet is used since there is also a Fortune Bet feature that, when enabled, doubles the wager. There will be additional bonus symbols in the base game, increasing your chances of scoring free spins. High risk, take the gold! The RTP of Megaways is fixed at 95.5% regardless of whether or not the Fortune Bet is activated.

When three or more identical symbols appear in adjacent positions, beginning with the leftmost reel, a win is awarded. Only when 2 or more prospector symbols appear do you win a prize (must have one of those). Six of a kind victories for him are worth 50x the wager, followed by 6 of a kind wins for gold carts, picks, and shovels, which are valued 2-7.5x the bet, respectively. The nines and the as at the bottom of the table are written in a traditional Western-style typeface. Before we get into the features, there is one more symbol to discuss: the explosion wild, which appears only on the top reel and substitutes for all symbols save the bonus symbol.

Toss me some cash! Megaways: Slot Machine Functions

Gimme Gold! Megaways wasn’t precisely how Inspired displayed their ingenuity. The cascade element, activated by each successful combination, is the heart of the action. When a symbol in a winning combination is removed, it is replaced with another symbol from the same or a different set. When no more wins emerge, the current spin ends and the next one begins, while the cascades continue to accumulate money.

The game also has mysterious symbols that can emerge anywhere and take the form of dynamite sticks. The odds of winning large are increased when all visible mystery symbols randomly transform into one of the standard pay symbols.

The free spins bonus round is triggered by landing 4 or more scattered barrels anywhere on the reels during the main game; up to 80 free games may be won in total. The multiplier for free spin wins begins at x1 and increases by 1 with each consecutive winning cascade. Scatters may only occur on the first reel during the bonus round. If you get 3 or 4 scatters, you’ll receive an extra 5 or 10 free games, respectively.

One more is available; this one is a technological enhancement known as Spin Chance. To activate it, your balance must fall below the current spin cost while still being greater than zero. Players can effectively risk the remainder of their credit at the current bet level.

Toss me some cash! Slot Machine Megaways: Results

When compared to other Inspired Megaways slots, the most recent release, “Gimme Gold,” seems like a step back in terms of originality. The Fortune Bet option is the only meaningful distinction, but because it doesn’t improve the return to player or provide any genuine information about the statistical advantages, its worth may be questioned. Due to the random nature of the free spins feature, evaluating Fortune Bet’s performance is challenging. There’s no reason to disbelieve the claim, so if you think the additional bonus symbols are worth a 50% stake increase, go for it! Everything else in the game works just like you’d expect it to. There are probably better places to mine Megaways slots with greater RTP values. The £250,000 prize pool for Gimme Gold, however, leaves no room for doubt in its legitimacy.

Gimme Gold! is not a gold mining company. This Megaways slot machine isn’t the most creative of the bunch. Neither the roughness of their Megaways debut, Desperados Wild, nor the adorable extras of Centurion Megaways are present here. It’s puzzling that they stuck with such a formulaic approach for Gimme Gold. Did we really need another’starter pack’ of Megaways slot machines when there are so many currently available? Although having more options is never a bad thing, Inspired has already proven their inventiveness with Megaways, making Gimme Gold feel like a significant setback. The inclusion of free spins choices upon activation, as seen in Desperados Wild, would have made the game more appealing. Unfortunately, they did not, leaving us with a pleasant enough but ultimately unremarkable game that lacks even the basic features of a standard Megaways slot machine.






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